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Based near Cuckmere Haven, one of the most stunning places in East Sussex, England, we pride ourselves in producing beautiful, 100% pure beeswax, candles, using wax harvested from local beekeepers. Passionate about bees, we hope that, in a small way, our candles will help to secure their survival. 

"I live near the beautiful Cuckmere Haven, an area of floodlands where the river Cuckmere meets the the English Channel at the foot of the Seven Sisters cliffs in East Sussex.  I source all my wax from local Sussex beekeepers and love making my candles - I find the smell and feel of the wax intoxicating, there is nothing like its natural honey odour, or the beautiful golden flame that burns like the colour of the sun. Beeswax was first used to make candles in England in the 13th century, and was regarded as a desirable commodity often called 'liquid gold'.  I am proud to carry on this ancient English craft and hope that you enjoy my candles."

Cesca Eaton, owner/maker, Cuckmere Crafts

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